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Midwest Equipment Company Linecard

Midwest Equipment Company works with the best manufacturers in each industry to ensure your business receives the best solutions.

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T&B – Conduit Fittings, Sta-Kon®, Ty-Duct®, Ty-Rap®, Colorkeyed®, Kindorf®, Blackburn®, Cable Tray, E-Z Code®, Shrink-Kon®, Pos-E-Kon®, Dragon-Tooth®Steel City® – Boxes and Fittings, Floor Boxes, Superstrut®, Russellstoll®, Carlon® – Boxes and Fittings, Union Boxes®, Ocal®, Hazlux® Lighting (IA, NE, W. MO, and KS)

Century Wire and Cable


CENTURY WIRE & CABLE Heavy Duty electrical products and accessories for many industries and applications. Contractor-Grade extension cords, lighting equipment, temporary power products, and various accessories. (IA, NE, W. MO, KS)



Full line of corded and battery-operated power tools and accessories (IA and NE Only).



Industrial and hazardous LED lighting solutions. Durosite and Safesite high bays, low bays, floodlights, linears, and area lights (IA and NE Only)


Self-Regulating Cables (Jacketed and Copper Braid), Fixed Resistance Cables, Mineral Insulated Cable, Snow Melting Mats and Cables, Floor Warming Mats and Cables & Thermostats, Thermal Storage Systems, Controls and Accessories (IA and NE Only).



High Volume, Large Diameter Fans. Z-Tech, Z-Chill, TAZ Linear, RAY-AIR, Z-TECH3, Controls, Layout, and Support (IA, NE, W.MO, KS)

Irwin Tools


Vise Grip Locking Tools, Pliers, Wrenches, Clamping Tools, Vises, Chisels, Snips, Taps and Dies (IA and NE Only)


Cannon 10K Puller, Power Feeder, Real Jacks, iTOOLco Rope Tender, Rope, Pull Slick Rope, iTOOLco Pull-Comm (IA and NE Only)


Power Tool Accessories, Hands Tools, Saws, Blades and Cutting Tools (IA and NE Only)

Northwest Envirofan

Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Ceiling Fans and Controls (IA, NE, W. MO, and KS)



Proud to offer 100% made and melted in America products, Picoma is a leading manufacturer of electrical conduit fittings, including galvanized elbows, couplings and nipples. We also produce a complete EC&N package of aluminum and running threaded products (IA and NE Only)


Pushwire Connectors “Wall-Nuts”, Terminal Blocks and Lumi-Nuts (IA and NE Only)

Western Tube

Conduit: EMT, RMC, GRC, IMC and Aluminum. Designer Series ™ Color EMT (IA and NE Only).