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At Midwest Equipment, we’re committed to finding the best solutions for our customers’ facilities. Browse our markets and solution sets below or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you realize efficiencies for your business.

Vertical Markets

Chemical Processing

In order to be profitable, you need reliable, robust, cost-effective equipment and your systems need to operate at peak performance. That’s why we invest considerable resources towards R&D, training and channel management. Learn more.

Civil Infrastructure

We’re focused on providing electrical solutions that address the critical issues in every transportation sector, so you can focus on sustainability, cost, quality, flexibility, safety and regulatory compliance. Learn more.

Commercial and Institutional Facilities

We understand the challenges faced in commercial and institutional projects and we're committed to providing innovative electrical solutions that reduce overall project costs while increasing safety, promoting sustainability and even improving cash flow. Learn more.

Data Centers

We bring experience and innovation to an industry where our quality, reliable and dependable brands make us the first choice in mission critical electrical installations. Learn more.

Food & Beverage Processing

We’re focused on providing electrical solutions that address the critical issues in every area of your operation, so you can focus on plant sustainability, cost, quality and safety. Learn more.

Oil & Gas

Profitable oil and gas operations require reliable, robust and cost-effective equipment. That’s why we invest extensive amounts on R&D, training and channel management into our solutions. Learn more.

Panel Builders & System Integrators

System integrators and panel builders must meet demanding delivery schedules while maintaining quality and safety. We're committed to improving operational efficiencies while maintaining high quality, and completing jobs on time, within budget. Learn more.

Power Generation

Integrated engineering design solution sets simplify product selection. Our training and support services ensure ongoing safe and reliable operation, while warranties instill confidence that our products will perform as required and meet your performance and output demands. Learn more.

Pulp & Paper

We’re focused on providing electrical solutions that address the critical issues in every area of your operation, so you can focus on plant sustainability, personnel safety, cost, quality, and flexibility. Learn more.


Our solutions help tackle a variety of rail industry issues, including quality, safety and regulatory challenges. Our expertise makes us a trusted advisor, helping our customers meet the demands of this challenging market. Learn more.

Renewable Energy

We design integrated solutions with higher quality materials, fewer parts and ease of installation in order to reduce product lifecycle costs. We provide the information and training necessary to correctly install and maintain critical structural systems for safe and reliable operation.Learn more.

Single & Multi-Family Housing

From a single-family home to a multi-story apartment complex, we understand the dynamic challengesof the residential market and are committed to providing innovative electrical solutions that promote sustainability, reduce overall project costs and provide a safe working and living environment. Learn more.

Water/Waste Water

Our products match specific application criteria from start to finish, assuring the quality and reliability of your electrical system throughout your facility. Learn more.

Solution Sets

Chemical Processing

From motor lead disconnects and compression connectors to industrial UPS systems to support continuous operations and critically important equipment, Midwest Equipment provides the electrical systems and components that define reliability. Learn more.

Corrosion & Harsh Environment Protection

We help you avoid unreliable connections, costly downtime and equipment issues with products engineered to repel water, caustic chemicals and other causes of corrosion. Learn more.

Extreme Temperature Protection

Midwest Equipment provides electrical systems and components carefully designed to perform in the harshest conditions — from the coldest environments to the hottest. We keep the power on just about anywhere with engineering, designs and century-old know-how that others often can’t match. Learn more.

Grounding and Bonding

We offer a broad range of grounding and bonding products that ensure safety, protect equipment, eliminate lighting and power interruptions and help keep your plant running for the long term. Our products meet all applicable standards and certifications and come with available training for smooth, safe operation Learn more.

Liquid Ingress Protection

If your electrical components are buried underground, operate in wet conditions or are exposed to the elements, count on Midwest Equipment for an array of products designed to prevent damage to your electrical system. Whether your system is above ground, underground or has elements in both, we have effective, efficient ways to prevent liquid ingress.

Power Quality, Efficiency & Reliability

It’s not enough to simply deliver power. Midwest Equipment goes that extra step and provides intelligent, sophisticated power quality systems that keep your plant running, as free from faults, and as quick to recover from them, as today’s engineering can provide. Our components keep your equipment safe and secure from the risk of unpredictable power. Learn more.

SKU Reduction

We have many components that take the place of two or three parts that have been traditionally designed. We have others that are engineered from the start to be lean, so that fewer parts are required from day one. When you’re looking for ways to reduce overhead, look to Thomas & Betts for real world answers. Learn more.

Safety & Contamination

From electrical components designed with an extra margin of protection for operation in hazardous environments, to signs, tags, emergency lighting and more, all coupled with the training you need to ensure ideal installations. Our many families of products provide an extra margin of safety and/or protection against contamination. Learn more.

Service & Training

We provide a wide variety of services and job-specific training programs to ensure that your electrical system is installed efficiently — right the first time — and maintained in the safest and most appropriate way. We have more than 200 instructors ready to demonstrate the proper use of products, tools and appropriate installation practices. Learn more.

Total Project Cost Reduction

Just as every manufacturer strives to eliminate waste, Midwest Equipment focuses on products that reduce the amount of labor required for installation and maintenance. Look to us for lean products, processes that lock in top quality and components designed to require little or no maintenance. Learn more.