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Ty-Rap TyGenic antimicrobial detectable cable ties

  • In response to the needs of customers in food and beverage processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other contamination-sensitive industries, ABB introduces the industry’s first two-piece cable tie that is both antimicrobial and detectable

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Food and Beverage Solutions

  • The T&B Liquidtight Systems® brand encompasses a complete range of food and beverage, metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit system solutions for applications requiring FDA antimicrobial materials, UL 4/4X and IP69 ingress ratings, and NSF “splash zone” approvals

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Introducing the Cordless Cannon 3K from iTOOLco

  • Speed, Versatility, and performance are all yours with iTOOLcoʼs Cordless Cannon 3K™. This portable 3,000 lb. puller is intuitively designed to handle all of your day-to-day wire pulls. Our newest product delivers dynamic performance in remote locations or areas where power is not yet available.


The DCE151TD1 XR® Cordless Cable Stripper Kit from DeWALT

Innovation For The Trades™. The 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cable Stripper is a dedicated, powered tool to cleanly and consistently strip electrical cable without an exposed knife. Quickly strip copper and aluminum cable from 6 AWG to 750 MCM CU and 900 MCM AL.



Dialight LED Linear PortfolioDialight DuroSite

DuroSite LED FBL Linear Series

DuroSite LED End-to-End Linear Series



MegAlert MotorGuard, GenGuard and CableGuard

  • Save Money, Save Time, & Increase Safety
    Meg-Alert manufactures the MotorGuard, GenGuard, and CableGuard patented electrical insulation testing and protection systems designed to detect the first signs of insulation breakdown in critical equipment operating up to 15 KV. The Meg-Alert system senses when the equipment is offline and then performs a continuous “True Dielectric” I/R test on the winding insulation until the equipment is started again. This allows for corrective action to be taken in time to prevent failures on start-up and increase plant uptime. The Meg-Alert’s “hands off” testing capabilities increase personnel Safety by eliminating exposure to dangerous Arc Flash conditions and Electrical accidents. Visit MegAlert



Wago Inline Splicing Connector

Inline splicing connector with lever; for all conductor types; 12 AWG (max.); 2-conductor; transparent housing; white cover